Hi, my name is Brendan Harding,
the founder and creator of 48Travel.com.

For just over ten years I've been writing features, destination stories, guides and tips, all focused on the world of travel and hospitality. The name 48Travel.com comes from the number of the house where I grew up, in a small town in the south east of Ireland. A house full of books in a landlocked county sparked the fire willing me to travel the world and write about what I see. There were books by Hemingway, Newby, Greene, Thesiger, Kapuscinski, and my fellow native, Dervla Murphy; each and every one of them offering me glimpses of a world beyond the windows of rural Ireland. But travel had to wait. After a career as a graphic artist - among other things - I returned to university at a late age to study the craft of writing; a continuous presence in my life throughout all this time. And now, ten years later the journey continues, back where it started, at 48. With the changes in media practices of recent times my journey in writing has evolved from the traditional printed outlets of newspapers, glossy magazines, guide books and tourism publications to the age of digital media and 48Travel.com.

At 48Travel.com, and my own personal goal, we will strive to return to the glory days of travel writing. To carry the reader on adventures of discoverey in new lands, to introduce cultures and religions, to taste the food of the mountains and the seas and to shake the hands of new people. We hope we will achieve that goal and that you too may be inspired to travel, if not in person, at least in words.

Happy travels.

Brendan Harding
Founder of 48Travel.com